Having the right equipment for your wedding can make all the difference.

I have invested in state of the art DJ equipment and most importantly, I have the knowledge to use it:


– Two-channel DJ controller (Pioneer) used in sync with computer-based mixing software.

DJ mixer for Weddings

– A spare DJ Controller which functions with a laptop.

– Two prominent speakers, (Mackie *) with stands included so I can vary the height.

– Power: 1000W per speaker.

* Mackie is the world’s leader in portable sound and ensures exceptional performances in the quality of sound no matter what event.


– Full set of lights

– Lights that rotate and change color

– Lights that move in synchronization to the beat of the song.

– Small led lights to give off color from the surrounding walls and a laser to provide trending effects to the dance floor ).

Essential extras

– A Mixer for controlling the level and quality of sound from a distance.

– Microphone (+ spare)

– Two pop up tables if needed.

– All the necessary cabling.

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